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how many times do I train clone jutsu until I get shadow Clone

Game keeps crashing on me when opened with the app

what  do I do?


I cant figure out how to change the language to English


There is a big "Language" button in the main menu at the bottom right corner

So I played a previous version. Is it possible to transfer save files to the newer version.


this game needs more futa

We have some mods with futa content.

absolutely loved this game, very well made and burst out laughing when the skyrim part came up. keep up the good work and hope to see how this game improves in the near future 



Can't wait for finished version.

How do you meet tsunade

how can i let sakura to train with me

Uh how do i translate the language to english..?



skyrim wake up made this game a 10 ... absolutely hilarious. rest of the game is good so far too

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I can't play the game because it closes after a few minutes. What's the minimum system requirements for android?

Where can I find the vases for TenTen's mission?

> Next day go to the forest and you'll meet there Karin that holds two vases.

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Good game with loads of content but has a few issues;

#1 Translation is very very bad at times. Like they don't have anyone who fluently speaks English read it over and make sure everything makes sense.

#2 The story is unfinished and it doesn't really have like a main story.

Besides that their isn't much else, lately there have been more script errors than in the past but that's it. I was paying for the patreon at one point and I think I even offered to help with the English translations but it was to no avail.

But, I would still tell everyone that is looking for an nsfw game to try this out. You can do almost everything in the game for free and it has somewhat of an interesting plot. Just really needs to be perfected. I'm sure that will come with time.


I found this game to be extremely disappointing especially because I had very high hopes for it so lets me break down the good parts of this game and what was keeping it from being enjoyable.

The Good

The UI and Main menu were very well put together and appealing to look at. The game provides easy access to both the latest content for the most recent update and gallery. The game had moments of good art/NFSW scenes and cheats were easily accessible from the beginning of the game but sadly this is where the good points end.

The Bad

So, there is a lot that needs improvement in this game. Many quests are unintuitive and the little guidance the game provides can sometimes just be completely wrong. The game can also just stop providing help for certain quests leaving the player with no idea what to do next but luckily there is a wiki for help but lets be real, a good game should never require the player to read a wiki to complete a basic part of the game.

Strangely the games art fluctuates in quality. Certain scenes that get close up are very well done but other scenes mostly those in the training situations can be very lack luster. There was also I number of glitches I experienced where I skipped necessary scenes or certain scenes that should not repeat repeated.  

The gallery also massively overinflated how much content to expect in the game. When I started the game, I was happy to see that it looked like there was hundred of scenes in the game but when I returned to the gallery after playing for a while, I found that certain scenes take up multiple spots in the gallery so do not use the gallery as a good measurement for how much content each girl has. Also the basics game play was generally boring. A lot of just grinding pressing the work button to get enough trust/lust to get to the next scene. If cheats were not available in the the players room I probably would have not completed the game to its most recent update.

The Verdict

I like the setting and trainer games can be fun, but this game needs a lot of work with its game play, art quality consistence/style and glitches before I could recommend it. Maybe come back in a year and see if it is any good. But at the moment if you are going to play it use the cheats because without them the game play is boring and frustrating throughout.


How do you activate cheats?

It should be by clicking on the dresser in the main characters room

Hello. Thanks for the review

> Many quests are unintuitive and the little guidance the game provides can sometimes just be completely wrong.

Can you be more specific, please? So we could fix this.


Sure, though I didn't make exact notes so I can't tell you exactly what was wrong but I can provide a few examples. One instruction for a quest was go see Karin in the lab which I would do frequently but every time I would do so my only option would be to leave the lab. I think I ended up needing the vases but the instructions did not make that clear. The game straight out stopped giving me instructions to progress with sakura, I think after the second date it would never tell me anything. For Tenten's quest one of the instructions was find the guy at Ichraku ramen which I did eventually find him but it wasn't clear that it was a random chance if he would show up. Also one of the quests told me to go see the hokage but nothing would happen but I think that is because I had it switched to Tsunade and once I switched it back I think it fixed itself. Also the game skipped over the second ramen dream as I unlocked and saw dream one and three but not the second dream. I know I experienced other problems with the quest instructions but I cannot remember them at the moment. If anything else comes to mind I will add to this comment. Hope this helps!

how can i use the custome Mods,I have already downloaded but I can't  use it

Restart app

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I restarted but i cant find a place to use it

It just kept crashing when I translate it to English

look, bro

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Sorry to tell you, but following that video misses a step.

After reloading you need to click on the 'Setting' tab (second from the left) and manually change the language to 'English'. The video doesn't seem to include that part.

soory i did not know that but it worked for me and this is my vid 

maybe its difrent versions

I'm at mobile 

humm i wish i could help you but my mobile is broken atm so...


I love the work but I'm broke but want the Patreon code

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How do I get with Amaya? I saved her brother already, but theres no response when I knock on her door. Edit: to those who also want to know you need to find the 2 magazines when you search for the key.

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How to date with tenten?

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AHM...To the pepole who don't know how to change the language(my vid)

are there senes with shezone ?, and if there are witch path should i chose to get them?

where can i find scooby snacks for velma

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from trader at ramen shop, fallow ten-ten's path to get to the trader

thank you

no prob :)

I don't think I'm gonna get to play the game without learning another language first. 😂

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do you know english if you do then you can understand it, if you dont know how to change language then...look

no way of translating the game into english, no translation pack or anything in it at all and yes  i did find the language settings and no there is nothing else there aside from just russian and closing the language interface out. 100% worthless to play... kick rocks.

u can translate it in to english i did it my self

look bro

yea literally no translation pack at all and i have uninstalled this and reinstalled this over and over

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Well cuz i cant replecate it i Can't help you but you can try instaling from site i'm 100% shore that would work

i have been downloading it from man.

Download translation here:
Unzip into the "Kunoichi Trainer/mods" folder

thank you man, at least someone is helpful.

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the link don't work, bro

A link that works;

Step by step guide:

I cant seem to change the language to English. From what I can tell, the English pack isn't installed and trying to install doesn't do anything.

I also thought I had this issue, but because its in russian its abit hard to change it, Mine worked after I fiddled around with it a bit and semi translated it?

If some events are on Russian try this: Settings -> Language -> 🔍-> English -> Delete -> Install (right after delete) -> Restart the game

Also there is a large "Language" button in the main menu. It replaces the "Settings -> Language -> 🔍" path.

this might help(my vid)

Games great, love hows its played out. Only complaint (Im on android) is some of the english translations arent there. For example, when Karin sends the explosive scoll, the P.S. and P.S.S. lines arent translated

And that skyrim easter egg was fucking gold dude I laughed my ass off when I realized what was going on

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Try to remove everything from the C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\NarutoProject-1492399917

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I got skyrim'd lol but overall great game keep up the good work.


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where is the guesthouse? nvm i found it

Any walkthrough available?

Wait does this one have futa? Can I turn that off I might thinking about a deffernt game.

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yes you can turn off futa. An options screen will pop up when you start the game (if i remember correctly)

Finally on itch

My man, will ya update the game?

the window file is not woking


Keeps saying this

Change “Outline method” in settings to Old.

Or change “Rendering engine” to “OpenGL”


Nice you're on itch now :)

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