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So out of curiosity, why the game has 2 pages instead of having a single page with a free link and a pay more than x to unlock link?

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我花了 3.50 美元买了这款游戏,这需要赞助代码吗?


this looks way better than naruto and supergood  definitely gonna play despite i hate naruto coz its absolutely sexful !!!

my tenten mission bugged on "recover from the fight"

i tried sleeping in house and nothing happens, tenten does not appear in meadow, and no dialogue prompts at her in shop besides trade

I buyed patreon version but where can i find the code?

How do I get to the Sasuke, Shikamaru and Hinata scene?

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What the actual fuck has this game come too , yall weird af 😂 missin the old KT, I Swear DIN likes getting cucked or something he must 


Hey, bro I've paid for the Patron mode, but I don't have a Patron Code

I'm stuck at the "Preparations for Holiday" event where I have to fetch something for Kakashi and Sakura. How do I continue?

Where do I buy the patron version?

is subscription on itch buying for month or forever?

How do I open a Tsunade?

some of the English translation is incomplete

если куплю на 3.5 долларов то я значит могу получить и HD версию? или я должен отдельно покупать?

HD отдельно

I cant buy patreon because it needs credit card (in paypal) and i dont have, can i access to patron content paying here in

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hello can i gat patreon code when i buy this version?

I am unable to complete Ukies quest because the Salesmen won't spawn.

how do i activate sakura and saradas events?

I cant get outlines to work on android, any fix for this? Happens on multiple phones. Switching the modes does not help it just turns off after I click something and shows something in russian

Probably our outline system is a bit outdated after the engine upgrade. I'll try to fix it in the next update


do i have to buy it again if i already bought it


If you can download a new update then no.

more mikasa's storyline please

Hi! There's a way to restart Amaya's quest? I mean without using the walkthouth ingame, but with my storyline

There is no way to restart any quest without cheats or console

Когда выходит обновление? 

26 Марта

When the public release?

March 26


Hello, I believe I may have bugged Amaya's 3rd Event where i Got the good end but when I was supposed to take the guy to hokage instead it triggered another event at the hokage instead, I just noticed this and my save from then is a while ago. is there a way i can use the console to complete the event so I can continue with her story?

Hello. You can try this command in console:

jump rndEvent_rapist_3_good

hello. i got a problem i paid for 0.24 in and i just can download 0.23.1


To quote dinaki
"Only for Kunoichi Access and higher subscribers on Patreon/Boosty/Subscribe Star!"

so no itch access for 0.24 as of now

Correct. The paid Itch version will be updated simultaneously with the public release


Не ты один братик, не ты один, я уже несколько месяцев жду, каждый день захожу сюда, чтобы проверить

Русский брат, думал не встречу их тут :_)

How long until the next update? I really want to play with new content.

I didnt automatically go to the beach. Now I am stuck, without tenten, irene and cant do any quest


Just a quick question. What is the difference between the free and buyable versions? Is there something important in the buyable that's not in the free, or is it extra stuff that's not really needed?

If you buy the Patron version, does it unlock all future versions to come or do you have to pay per update?

Is the next update will have a lot of things?

about 2 hours to complete

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When is the next update?

Im waiting for 2 months now

Early access next week. Public release within 3 weeks



Is this game fully done or will there be more updates to it and if there will be more what type of updates, like adding more content or just bug fixes? I'm just curios.

The game is in development. There will be more updates with new content.

any chance for steam relase?

0 chances. Copyright


i can not leave the forest near the spider cave the arrow is gone

Try to find all the mushroom

My game crashes after small logo loads and then nothing. Been this way for maybe since this year 2024. Game worked perfectly before that. Any ideas or does anyone have a solution. Thank you

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