Kunoichi Trainer HD

Hello everyone,

I finally finished the first version of Kunoichi Trainer HD! It's already available for Anytime Access (Patreon or Boosty) subscribers in the personal cabinet.

In the regular version all arts are in resolution 1280x720. If you expand the game to full screen, you will be able to see every pixel. In the HD version, the resolution is increased by 2 times, up to 2560x1400! This is just over 2k resolution.


How to install

  • Go to your personal cabinet and download 2 files: PC or Mac dev build and KT-HD.zip
  • Unzip the game itself somewhere.
  • Extract the KT-HD.zip into a folder with the game.
  • Start the game, go to the settings, set the screen mode to "Full".
  • Play
  • Get an eye orgasm


  • HD version only works on the latest dev build!
  • Render engine must be "OpenGL 2" (check Settings)
  • The outline method must be "Shader" (check Settings). Or the outline is turned off completely (slider to minimum).

For now there can be performance problems in places where a lot of arts or characters are shown at once - gallery, cheats, store.

After the public release of the next update, the HD version will also be uploaded to itch.io. 

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