Kunoichi Trainer v0.20.2 Patch + Halloween 2022 mod

Hello everyone!

Today is the release of a minor update with fixes and the "Halloween 2022" mod.

The new mod is a continuation of the "Halloween 2021" mod so I'll recommend you to complete the previous event first.

You can download the mod in the game:
Main Menu -> Mods -> Official -> Halloween 2022 -> Install
Restart the game after installation.

The event will start automatically or you can run it manually via cheats:
Cheats -> Events -> Halloween 2022

Changelog v0.20.2

  • Added ability to change Anko's weight via cheats
  • Fix Anko's weight in scene replays
  • Fix bugs with English translation


kunoichi-trainer-win-linux.zip 250 MB
Version 0.20.2 Oct 30, 2022
kunoichi-trainer-mac.zip 236 MB
Version 0.20.2 Oct 30, 2022
KunoichiTrainer-0.20.2-android.apk 261 MB
Version 0.20.2 Oct 30, 2022

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Hinata keeps asking me if i remember what day it is. I already completed it yet every time i try to advance she keeps asking me. Pls fix

who do i complete meet with t5en ten at the clearing and go to the memorial with the guests

tell me when you find the answer