Kunoichi Trainer v0.20.1 Public release

Only English and Russian translations are up to date at the moment



  • Bug fixes


  • Added new character: Anko
  • Added 12 events for Anko.
  • Added a sequel to the restaurant and Yuki event.
  • English translation is built into the game. Mod with English translation is automatically turned off.
  • Improved gallery
  • Slightly corrected Yuki's emotions.
  • Natsuko sprite corrected.

How to Start New Events

To start an Anko events, go to school after Day 65.

To start a restaurant event, sleep at home (if you started from new content).


kunoichi-trainer-win-linux.zip 250 MB
Version 0.20.1 Oct 08, 2022
KunoichiTrainer-0.20.1-android.apk 261 MB
Version 0.20.1 Oct 08, 2022
kunoichi-trainer-mac.zip 236 MB
Version 0.20.1 Oct 08, 2022

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I can't find the salesman at the ramen shop. I need him for the dress

all my 0.19.1 saves get an error when I try to load them in 0.20.1

send error text pls

(1 edit)

this one was my latest save where I was supposed to continue from

Hello, Dinaki!

Can you please answer me some questions

1) Do you plan to add more events with Anko?
2) Is there any possibility to play the game on my iPhone?
3) Please add Kushina event
4) Please add more Yuki events. I really like this girl she is cute.
5) How's your scenario writer?  I asked him about 6 times in the DM on your Discord server and he is not answering. I'm really waiting Konan's route and I also heard about bad situation in your country and was worry about is he ok?. Can you please tell me what status have Konan route or ask him to answer me?

are there new free mods?

Nope, not yet. We are planning something, tho.